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Succession is the transfer of private property, as well as certian rights and obligations, that are closely related to the testator, to heirs after his or her death.  

Basis for inheritance:
  • inheritance by will;
  • inheritance by law.

When the testator is declared dead on the day of his death, the date of entry into force of the court decision declaring him dead is the moment of opening the inheritance, unless there is not indicated other date in the court decision.

The certificate of the right to inheritance is issued after 6 months from the date of opening the inheritance.

In both cases of inheritance by law and inheritance by will, if the notary has information that there are no heirs, other than those who have applied for a certificate for the relevant property or the entire inheritance, if so, the certificate may be issued before expiration of the above period.

  • You can familiarize with the documents for filing with a notary by following the link.
  • Follow the link to apply online and make an appointment with a notary.

Note: if a citizen living abroad cannot personally come to receive an inheritance, he or she can transfer his rights and obligations to a trustee by issuing a power of attorney.